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  About us :
The Dur Untash Studies Centre (DUSC) was established in 2018 as an independent research study centre.  The DUSC’s primary objective is to provide credible and informative analysis, research, studies and other information resources on the Ahwazi cause and related issues, including materials related to other minorities in Iran, and on Iran’s domestic and regional affairs. The DUSC also provides analysis of the effects of Iran’s direct and indirect intervention in Arab nations and focuses on relevant regional and international development-related issues, as well as providing current affairs coverage of regional and international affairs, an important asset in a historically transformative period, and assessing their repercussions on the Ahwazi people and other peoples in Iran.
The DUSC is interested in increasing and expanding academic research into the previously overlooked Ahwazi cause and disseminating knowledge and analysis    through all media platforms and using all forms of communication technology; through this multimedia approach, we hope to contribute to increasing the currently limited levels of knowledge about all aspects of the Ahwazi cause, advancing media exposure and strategic understanding of Ahwaz both domestically and internationally. The centre also devotes a great deal of its research activity to studying and analysing the various political, economic, social, cultural, historical and identity-related aspects of the Ahwazi community.
The DUSC is fully independent in its work and management of its research activity, and pursues a policy of rigorous objectivity in the conduct of research, adopting a critical analytical approach in its studies. The centre supports researchers and writers to present their views on the challenges facing Ahwaz, providing its highly qualified experts with great freedom to express their opinions and supporting their research within the boundaries of objectivity and scientific research methods through organising research and intellectual activities in forums, gatherings and academic seminars.
Areas of interest:
Political and strategic studies
Economic and social studies
Historical and geographical studies
Cultural and identity studies
Media studies
Humanities and civilisation studies
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