Thursday November 10th, 2022

    Ahwazis protest at months-long water shortages in sweltering summer heat

    The water crisis is worsening in what should naturally be the water-rich Ahwaz region. In the city of Chobeideh, 30…
    Thursday January 21st, 2021

    DUSC urges Italian officials to focus on humanitarian crisis in Ahwaz

    A researcher from the Dur Untash Studies Centre (DUSC) participated in a seminar on the Ahwazi situation held in Rome,…
    Tuesday January 12th, 2021

    Poverty & Pollution in Ahwaz: Oil-Rich Howeyzeh City’s Population Languish in Crushing Poverty

    On Tuesday, 12 January, a number of residents in the Ahwazi city of Howeyzeh organised a protest march in front…
    Thursday January 7th, 2021

    Iran’s regime, like ISIS and the Taliban, destroys more Ahwazi historic sites

    According to local sources in Ahwaz, Iranian authorities recently demolished an irreplaceable 5,000-year-old historical site in the city of Ramez,…
    Sunday January 3rd, 2021

    Three Ahwazi youth sentenced to 40 years for burning ‘venerated’ poster of Khamenei

    The Iranian Revolutionary Court has sentenced three Ahwazi activists to 40 years imprisonment for burning an image of Iran’s Supreme…
    Friday December 25th, 2020

    Ahwazi dissident forcibly returned from Austria, executed as Iran escalates murderous crackdown

    According to unconfirmed reports from Ahwazi human rights activists, 30-year-old Ahwazi political prisoner Jassem Heidari was executed in Sheyban Prison…
    Thursday December 17th, 2020

    Four more Ahwazi citizens arrested in growing Iranian regime crackdown

    Iran’s state-run Tasnim News agency affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), has announced the arrest of four more…
    Saturday December 12th, 2020

    Iranian regime intensifies brutal crackdown on Ahwazi female activists, with more arrests

    The Iranian regime is continuing and intensifying its brutal crackdown on female Ahwazi human rights activists, amid a media blackout…
    Saturday December 5th, 2020

    Maryam, Fatema, and Azhar, the Ahwazi women imprisoned for trying to preserve their people’s culture

    Even in the present age of unparalleled cynicism, it is still frustrating to consider how some causes are elevated to…
    Saturday November 28th, 2020

    Joe Biden and his foreign policy team have a three-prong strategy on Iran and Arabs

    As the conclusion of the US presidential election slated for next week approaches, debates and questions are still being raised…
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