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    Iran Uses Execution to Enforce Ahwazi Assimilation

    Introduction The Iran regime continued to use execution in an attempt to intimidate and break the spirit of non-Persians in…

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    Ahwazi Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike as Regime Continues Persecution

    Dozens of families of Ahwazi political prisoners have pleaded for support for their sons in Sheyban Prison in Ahwaz who…

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     Weather War: How Iran’s Regime Uses Floods and Drought as Tools of Ethnic Cleansing

    In most countries prone to regular severe weather events such as heavy flooding, the governments take precautionary measures in vulnerable…

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    Ahwaz in 2018: Anger and resilience in the face of Iranian brutality

    Ahwazi people continued to endure massive rights abuses in 2018 as the regime persisted in its efforts to crush all…

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    Demographic Change in Ahwaz Violates the International Norms and law

    In the recently published UN report of the Special Rapporteur the situation regarding human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI)…

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     Human rights groups reveal fate of Ahwazi prisoners thrown into ‘slaughterhouse’ jails

    Iranian regime demeans and devalues the international treaties to which it is a signatory. As one of the world’s most…

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    While Europe rushes to protect Iran’s bloody regime, it continues killing innocents

     Iran’s security forces reportedly killed another young Ahwazi man on December 30th, with regime gunmen fatally shooting 19-year-old Mehdi Sawari…

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    The Intertwined Nature of Workers’ Rights and Ahwazi Freedom

    Protests have erupted in Ahwaz over the past several months, especially in labour sector. The protesters’ demands and chants are…

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    Ahwazi Mandaeans endure decades-long prosecution

    The Mandaean minority lives in different areas of the Middle East, including the Karoun region and Jarahi Region of Ahwaz…

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    Iran’s regime deploys conspiracy theories again to undermine freedom movement of Ahwaz

    Faced with increasing numbers of protests and open revolt by the peoples it has long oppressed, Iran’s regime is once…

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