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    Iran’s regime punishes Ahwazi flood victims, arrests aid workers

    Iranian security and intelligence forces, assisted by Iranian-backed Iraqi militias, have expanded their brutal attacks and mass arrests in Ahwaz…

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     Who stands behind Ahwaz floods?

    In recent days, media have repeatedly used phrases like “natural disaster” and “engineered flood” to describe the most recent horrendous…

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     Are Iraqi Militias in Ahwaz a Sign of IRGC’s Growing Strength or Weakness?

    The recent flash floods in Ahwaz region in Iran, overwhelmingly populated by Ahwazi Arabs, has put millions of lives at…

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    Can we allow the Iranian regime to weaponise floods against the Ahwazi people?

    The Ahwaz region is currently enduring cataclysmic flooding that has displaced hundreds of thousands of residents, with the latest figures…

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    The IRGC: Culprits in Ahwaz’ Flooding Catastrophe

    Iranian regime security services, assisted by Iraqi militiamen, have reportedly arrested over 24 Ahwazi volunteer aid workers for providing aid…

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    Ahwazis’ suffering grows as casualties rise amid brutal regime crackdown

    Two men have died and two other people, one of them an 11-year-old boy, were critically injured as a result…

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    After deadly flooding, Iranian regime diverts water to protect oil fields, displaced Ahwazis plead for aid

    Large numbers of Ahwazis displaced by the terrible floods across the Ahwaz region protested on Tuesday. The demonstrators, who held…

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    Tragic death as massive flooding continues in Ahwaz

    An 18-year-old Ahwazi youth, identified as Mohammed Bin Nasser Al-Hussein Al-Makhlilif Al-Nessi, is believed to have drowned on Wednesday when…

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    Ahwazis issue urgent plea for aid, with millions at risk as flooding overwhelms the region

    Massive and torrential flooding is causing scenes of Biblical suffering in the Ahwaz region (southwest and south of Iran), with…

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     A wide-reaching disaster threatening the lives of two million people in Ahwaz

    Public rage is building in the devastated Ahwaz region, with up to two million people reportedly displaced by massive flooding…

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