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      Iranian regime taunts families of slain prisoners, bills for damage

    After Iranian regime security personnel killed or injured dozens of Ahwazi prisoners who attempted to flee two infamous prisons in…

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     Iranian forces reportedly kill at least 8 Ahwazi prisoners attempting to flee COVID-19 outbreak

    Iranian regime security personnel reportedly killed at least eight Ahwazi prisoners who were attempting to flee two prisons. Both prisons…

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    Suffering Increases for Ahwaz’s Female Street Vendors and Trash Collectors as COVID-19 Hits

    While the ongoing Coronavirus crisis in Iran and the regime’s typically woeful response are decimating all sectors of society, it…

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      As three more Coronavirus cases confirmed in Ahwazi prisoners, Iran misuses humanitarian aid

     Three Ahwazi political prisoners have tested positive for coronavirus in the infamous Ahwaz Central Prison, better known as Shaiban or…

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    Outrage over regime’s failure to release any Ahwazi women prisoners, as coronavirus fears worsen

    Fresh outrage has rocked the Ahwaz region in Iran at the discovery that the regime’s decision to release 85,000 prisoners…

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    How Iran’s regime steals Ahwazi childhood

    The Ahwaz region in what is today the south and southwest Iran is home to millions of ethnic Ahwazis, a…

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    Iran has let its covid-19 outbreak get out of hand

    Nowhere covid-19 hit a country’s leaders harder than in Iran. Two vice-presidents, ministers and 24 members of parliament (almost 10%…

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    Show Trials and Torture of Ahwazi Prisoners in Iranian Prisons

    Ghazi Heidari is an industrial engineer and Ahwazi cultural activist who was tortured at an interrogation centre in Ahwaz City,…

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     Industrial alcohol passed off as COVID 2019 cure kills dozens of young Ahwazis

    In Iran, if the Coronavirus ravaging the country doesn’t kill you, the regime’s negligence and the resulting desperation may well…

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     As coronavirus spreads in Iranian prisons, Ahwazi activists appeal to save political prisoner’s life

    Ahwazi rights groups in Iran are calling on the international community to help save the life of prominent Ahwazi political…

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