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Webinar: ‘The Impact of Insecurity on Human Rights in Ahwaz and the Region’

An online Zoom webinar hosted by Dur Untash Center on Thursday 15 October entitled  ‘The Impact of Insecurity on Human Rights…

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  The looted region: what if Iran hadn’t occupied Ahwaz?

Have you ever heard of an oppressed people languishing in desperate poverty in one of the wealthiest places on Earth?…

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Ahwazi activists face mass arrests and imminent executions as a result of Iran regime’s sweeping crackdowns

 As the regime in Tehran once again steps up its already brutal repression in Ahwaz in the south and southwest…

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For four decades Ahwazi activists face murderous Iranian retaliation

“Death is death, but it has many different forms.” This common saying epitomises one aspect of the Iranian regime’s murderous…

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Iran forces Ahwazi migration in Asaluyeh through deliberate environmental pollution

While it’s true that all parts of the world are facing critical levels of environmental pollution, the problems facing Ahwaz…

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No childhood for the trash collectors of Ahwaz

The trash collectors roam in every Ahwazi neighbourhood, street and alleyway in the early morning before the municipal garbage trucks…

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The UN’s Very Selective Human Rights for Ahwazis

International bodies and human rights organisations have a professional, humanitarian and moral duty to expose human rights violations by all…

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Ahwazi labourers to lose jobs due to discriminatory Iranian regime policy

Iran’s mouthpiece Fars News Agency has reported that the director of the oil company in the city of Khalafiyeh plans to expel…

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Fires add to choking pollution, other woes afflicting Ahwaz as Iranian regime brazenly burns fishermen’s boats

Iran’s IRNA news agency carried a statement from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on 7 September, the UN’s International Day of…

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The demolition of Ahwazi homes is against international law

On Wednesday, 26 August, Iranian regime security forces began their efforts to demolish the homes of the people of the…

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