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    Ahwazi child labourers died as the world remains silent

    Two 12-year-old Ahwazi child labourers died horrifically in a road accident in June when they were hit by a heavy…

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     More Murder by the Iranian Regime, as its Systemic Racism Claims More Ahwazi Lives

    Even as mass demonstrations have erupted across the world over the murder of a man, George Floyd, in the United…

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    Investigation: Iran’s petroleum spraying in Ahwaz puts its unique ecology in grave danger

    Bitumen emulsion or petroleum mulching, in which a thin coat of petroleum-based material is applied to a surface, has been…

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    Ahwazis protest at months-long water shortages in sweltering summer heat

    The water crisis is worsening in what should naturally be the water-rich Ahwaz region. In the city of Chobeideh, 30…

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    Iran’s responds to water crisis with brutal attacks on Ahwazis

    Iranian regime security forces last week reportedly brutally beat, injured and forcibly dispersed Ahwazi protesters for holding a peaceful demonstration…

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    Iran is lying about COVID-19 in Ahwaz

    For several months, the Iranian regime has withheld many facts about the spread of the COVID-19   pandemic in Iran. This…

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    Ahwazi detainees’ families stage protests at Shaiban Prison against inhuman treatment

      Ahwazi detainees’ families protested outside the infamous Shaiban Prison in the regional capital, Ahwaz, on Saturday May 9, demanding…

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    Ahwazi Prisoners & Their Families Endure a Nightmare

    Abstract This article addresses the consequences of the perilous conditions faced by Ahwazi prisoners. In particular, it focuses on the…

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    Weaponised Displacement Poverty And Environmental Manipulation Are The Plight of Ahwazis

    With so much controversy surrounding, it is difficult to pinpoint one thing specifically in Iran to focus on. The theocratic…

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    While Iran Releases Some Prisoners, Ahwazi Prisoners Remain Facing Imminent Death

    Iran’s coronavirus outbreak has left the government struggling to respond, to the point that the regime has announced the release…

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