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    Another Ahwazi baby drowns in raw sewage due to the Iranian regime’s shocking negligence

    One-year-old Sedigheh Heidari, a baby girl, died on the evening of Thursday 6 August, 2020 when she drowned in a…

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     Ahwazi Teachers: targeted victims of Iranian oppression

    Ahwaz has long been subject to human rights abuses at the hands of the regime in Tehran. However, repression has…

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     Ahwazi prisoner dies as Iran’s regime weaponises Coronavirus to crush dissent

    Ahwazi human rights organisations and activists, in addition to many regional and international organisations, are drawing attention to a worrying…

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    Iran’s Sewage Dumping Causes Hepatitis A Outbreak Among Ahwazis

    Environmental contamination due to solid waste mismanagement is a major issue in Ahwaz. Most solid waste is found in open…

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    How the UN Special Rapporteur Defended Tyranny and Betrayed Ahwazis

    The United Nations’ Agnès Callamard has an illustrious CV. According to her Wikipedia page, as well as being the Special…

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    Hostages of Iran’s Water Policies in Ahwaz region 

    Typically, water shortages occur when the amount of drinkable water doesn’t meet the requirements for the population in question. The…

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    Iranian racism continues taking lives: two more young Ahwazis shot dead

    In Iran, it is always open season on its Ahwazi population, who can be killed with sheer impunity on the…

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    Ahwazi child labourers died as the world remains silent

    Two 12-year-old Ahwazi child labourers died horrifically in a road accident in June when they were hit by a heavy…

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     More Murder by the Iranian Regime, as its Systemic Racism Claims More Ahwazi Lives

    Even as mass demonstrations have erupted across the world over the murder of a man, George Floyd, in the United…

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    Investigation: Iran’s petroleum spraying in Ahwaz puts its unique ecology in grave danger

    Bitumen emulsion or petroleum mulching, in which a thin coat of petroleum-based material is applied to a surface, has been…

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